Development Kit
Nightingale 1

Software-defined payloads require premium development solutions. Design like you fly with the Nightingale 1 phased array payload development kit.


Software-defined payloads offer mission flexibility by providing software libraries and APIs built within common application frameworks. The Nightingale 1 Development Kit provides an integrated design experience identical to the most common flight configurations, providing a complete bits-to-RF development solution.

The development kit mirrors the integrated flight module with the following components:

  1. Enclosure: Housing and thermal management

  2. Digital modules: Integrated SBC-1461 and UDC-1AT1 with power conditioning

  3. Antenna: Active phased array antenna (APA) supports steerable shapeable RF beams and can be mounted in a range

  4. Antenna hat: Captures RF from the antenna for lab-based development

Nightingale 1 development kit | CesiumAstro
Digital modules
Antenna Hat
Digital modules
Nightingale 1 Development Kit

Key Features

Complete Development Solution

Includes the active phased array and digital modules found in a typical Nightingale 1 flight configuration.

Convenient I/O Access for Digital and RF

Access both digital and RF signals to each module through standard connector interfaces.

Integrated Heat Spreading and Cooling

Under-mount fans provide a constant flow of air, cooling the modules and enabling 24/7 operation on the bench.

Software-Defined Development and Debug

Access the modules through USB-to-serial interface, Ethernet, or JTAG, enabling high- and-low level development.

​​RF Range-Mounting Configuration

The active phased array antenna includes common mounting patterns for RF range install and operation.

​​Design Like You

Design and test flight software in the lab, including RF. The integrated antenna hat enables many tests outside the RF range.

Designed for the Lab

A precision-machined aluminum chassis with integrated heat spreaders and fans enable clutter-free development in the lab and RF range.

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Core Products

Compact Software-Defined Radio | CesiumAstro

APA-1AT1 x 1

Single-Beam Ka-Band Active Phased Array Antenna

Active S-Band Antenna | CesiumAstro

UDC-1AT1 x 1

Up/Down Converter

Active S-Band Antenna | CesiumAstro

SDR-1001 x 1

Software-Defined Radio

Active S-Band Antenna | CesiumAstro

SBC-1461 x 1

Single-Board Computer (Optional)

Product Specifications

24.5 to 29.5GHz
Beam Width

(Minimum, With One Tile)
Instantaneous Bandwidth
(Per Channel)
200MHz Tx
100MHz Rx
EIRP at P1dB
DC Input Voltage
22 to 36V
Baseplate Operating
(Total System)

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Additional Resources

A full suite of documentation is available to support the integration of this system into your mission. Our team stands ready to support you. Contact us for technical specifications or to discuss your programming challenges.

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