A high-efficiency, compact DC-to-DC converter designed to operate in LEO, Lunar, and airborne environments that provides a regulated, isolated, 12 V rail suitable for powering the full suite of CesiumAstro communications products.

Use as a stand-alone power converter or combine with other CesiumAstro modules for a system that works right out of the box.

PCU-2812 includes a fixed-frequency converter with integrated filters and protections, as well as a digital interface for telemetry.

Low-profile and compact 99 mm x 70 mm x 21.5 mm packaged form factor. Thermal pillars bring heat to the flat surface.

Key Features


  • Fixed-frequency topology

  • Integrated EMI and input filtering

  • Rad-hard FETs

  • Over-current protection and input

  • Under-voltage lockout

  • Onboard telemetry: temperature, uptime, and output voltage and current

  • 2x RS-485 (serial communication)


  • Conduction-based heat transfer through interface

  • Input: rugged power connector; output: rugged, MIL-spec Nano-D connector


  • LEO satellite

  • Launch vehicle

  • Airborne platforms

  • Lunar platforms

Radiation Performance

  • SEE (SEL free): 37 MeV/mg/cm2


  • Size: 84 mm x 69 mm x 17 mm

  • Operating Temp.: -24 °C to 60 °C

  • Mass: 240 g

Product Specifications

16 V to 40 V
12 V
Sustained Output
12.5 A
Nominal Efficiency
Baseplate Operating Temp.
-24 °C to 60 °C
240 g
Baseplate Operating Temperatures
-24 °C to 60 °C

Mechanical View

Additional Resources

A full suite of documentation is available to support integration of PCU-2812 into your mission. Our team stands ready to support you. Contact us for technical specifications or to discuss your programming challenges.