A wideband up/down converter designed to operate in LEO environments with an on-board frequency synthesizer and low power consumption all in a credit-card-sized footprint. The module supports time-division up/down-conversion with 1GHz of instantaneous bandwidth and offers the ability to combine IF channels for further flexibility.

The CesiumAstro UDC-1AT1 includes a high-precision clock for LO generation; the module can provide this clock as a reference for other modules, or lock to an external system reference.

Use as a stand-alone up/down converter or combine with other CesiumAstro modules for a complete Ka-band communications solution.

The CesiumAstro UDC-1AT1 includes a fixed-frequency converter with integrated filters and protections, as well as a digital interface for telemetry in a credit-card-sized footprint.


Low-profile and compact 99 mm x 70 mm x 21.5 mm packaged form factor. Thermal pillars bring heat to the flat surface.


Key Features

Main Features

  • Compact 50mm x 84mm x 13mm packaged form-factor

  • Wide conversion range

  • On-board synthesizer

  • <100ppb built-in time reference

  • Reference input/output ports

  • Suitable for both military and commercial applications on LEO satellites and airborne platforms

  • Digital interface: RS-485

  • Designed and tested for LEO radiation

  • Thermal pillars bring heat to flat surface

Product Specifications

7 V to 15 V
Baseplate Operating Temp.
-24 °C to 60 °C
240 g

RF  Specifications

RF Range
24.5 GHz to 29.5 GHz
IF Range
4.4 GHz to 5.5 GHz
1 GHz
Small Signal Gain
25 dB
Dynamic Range
30 dB
Up-Conversion Channel
Max Output RF Power
>5 dBm
Noise Figure
<10 dB
Down-Conversion Channel
Max Output IF Power
-10 dBm
Noise Figure
<5 dB

Mechanical View

Additional resources

A full suite of documentation is available to support integration of UDC-1AT1 into your mission. Our team stands ready to support you. Contact us for technical specifications or to discuss your programming challenges.