Communications System

Vireo enables multi-user connectivity from satellites with dynamic throughput management that maximizes capacity with fully independent, steerable, shapeable beams with fast beam hopping. Aggressive cost targets are met by lever aging commercial mass manufacturing techniques that reduce total part count and reliance on specialized manufacturing steps.

Cutting-edge power-saving capabilities are enabled with per-element and per-beam control, reducing the effects of the antenna’s active impedance and addressing the complexities of taper while maintaining high power efficiency —a key to minimizing overall constellation costs.


Multi-Beam Operation

Up to 16 independently steerable beams allow for maximum frequency reuse and throughput for seamless connectivity with many simultaneous users.

Fast Beam-Hopping

Near instant beam hopping further divides each beam in time, allowing capacity to be shared and focused across the field of view maximizing throughput and quality of service to specific regions.

Full-Duplex Operation

A dedicated box for transmit and another for receive enable simultaneous uplink and downlink to every user. Additional boxes increase the total number of beams and polarizations.

Software-Defined Flexibility

The payload is controlled by a rich software experience that controls beam planning, steering, shaping, and hopping, as well as power optimization that can be updated dynamically and combined with any onboard baseband processor.

Commercial, Civil, and Defense Applications

Providing options that support both commercialand defense Ka-band frequencies,Vireo is uniquely suited for a wide range ofmissions across multiple domains

LEO, MEO, and GEO Configurations

Vireo offers a scalable architecture for multiple orbits, meeting unique customer requirements for element spacing, power levels, and environmental performance.


Frequency Range
Tx 17.5 GHz to 21.2 GHz
Rx 27.5 GHz to 31 GHz
Beam Count
up to 16
selectable at manufacturing
Tx 27 cm x 23 cm x 16 cm
Rx 18 cm x 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm
Tx 14.5 kg
Rx 7 kg
7 to 12 years in LEO
at 1000 km
Baseplate Temp.
-24 °C to 61 °C
45 dBW to 49 dBW
aggregate at boresight
5 dB/K
300 K scene temperature


Transmit Aperture

Integrates the beamforming network, power amplifiers, and control circuitry with a focus on efficiency,power management, and thermal design.

Receive Aperture

Integrates the beamforming network, low-noise amplifiers, and control circuitry with a focus on sensitivity, power management, and thermal design.


A full suite of documentation is available to support integration of Vireo into your mission. Our team stands ready to support you. Contact us for technical specifications or to discuss your programming challenges.