• S-Band antenna array
• Designed for NASA 6U spacecraft
• Scalable system for intersatellite links


COMMPACKCrosslink Communications Payload

The CommPack Cross-link Communications Payload uses building blocks from Cesium’s modular device ecosystem to enable mobile ad-hoc networking in space. This swarm technology is paving the way for future small satellite missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

The system consists of the SDR-1001 and two active S-band antenna arrays (TRM-4S01). The OTS Cesium General Purpose Modem loaded into the SDR-1001’s FPGA provides robust BPSK/QPSK inter-satellite links between spacecraft in a swarm.

The CommPack was designed as an intersatellite link for NASA Ames, but may be reconfigured as required to support your concept of operations.


• Autonomous link/network establishment (no external synchronization required)

• TDD/TDMA (allows seamless scaling of swarm size)

• Carrier-sense feature (reduces probability of packet collision)

• Transmit-power and symbol-rate adaptation(saves DC power)

• Suitable for both military and commercial applications on LEO satellites and airborne platforms

• CommPack consists of one SDR-1001 Software-Defined Radio and two TRM-4S01 Active S-band antenna arrays


DC Input Voltage:

9 to 13 V

Realized Gain:

8 dBi

Noise Figure:

<2.6 dB



Axial Ratio:

<3 dB

Point-to-point Throughput:

0.1 to 50 Mbits/s

Baseplate Operating Temperature:

-24 to +61 °C


commpack mechanical view